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Virgin Shipping Company Ltd (VSCL) is at the forefront of maritime environmental protection. Our flagship, MT VIRGIN 1, is a state-of-the-art vessel designed to tackle challenging tasks in desloping, debunkering, and anti-pollution activities, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of our oceans.

About Us

Virgin Shipping Company Ltd aims to transform Mauritius into a hub for bunkering and debunkering. By upgrading to Tier 3 as per MARPOL protocol and refining collected sludge at our Montagne Blanche facility, we are committed to reducing oil imports and preserving marine ecosystems. Stay tuned for our next addition, SHAUN 1, arriving in March 2024.

Services Provided

Desloping and Debunkering

Efficient removal of residues and fuel oils from ships.

Oil Spill Response & Recovery

Equipped for rapid response to maritime oil spills.

MARPOL Waste Collection

Compliant with international regulations for waste collection from ships.

Oil Spill Response & Recovery Vessel in Mauritius

Equipped with advanced anti-pollution technology, the MT VIRGIN 1 operates around the clock in Port Louis, Mauritius, ready to combat oil pollution. Features include:

  • Double Hull and Twin Engines: For enhanced safety and maneuverability.
  • Bow Thruster: Allows operation in both shallow and deep-sea conditions.
  • Advanced Anti-Pollution Technology: Setting the standard for oil spill response.

Phone: (+230) 59508480

Fax: (+230) 4375927

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address: Tancrel Road, Montange Blanche, 80902, Mauritius